Thursday, March 30, 2006

Unit 10 Bournemouth & Arts Institute

Unit 10 Bournemouth & Arts Institute

The website for the interactive tour of the Arts Institute of Bournemouth is now finished. My work partner and me made and designed the website for the interactive tour videos.
I designed the graphics with my Photoshop skills and decided which pictures to use for the site and my work partner did the navigation with his knowledge of Dreamweaver and we both worked on the web layout.

Friday, September 09, 2005


LOST is a realy good TV show its about a passenger plane that tore apart in mid-air and crashed in a pacific island that holds lots of mysteries . With 48 survivors at first they did what they could to survive. Through out the show it shows you about the past of the passengers and what they did.
The show makes you want to watch it more and more to find more about the mystetery island.
J.J. ABRAMSCreator, Executive Producer
DAMON LINDELOFCo-Creator, Executive Producer
More info about the show-


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Paul Harding

Paul Harling is a illustrator, sculpturer, charecter desighner. Specialezes in sculpture, toy design, charecter design, editorial illustration, conceptional illustration, books cover art, storyboards and portrait.
I realy like most of his work because they are all realy detailed and good ideas and some funny charecter designs.
He has won many awards because of his work and has worked with clients such as Universal Stodios. He also made the sculptures for Blokhedz which i have posted before.

Make sure you take a look at his website-

Here are some of his work-

Friday, June 24, 2005

Is a good website with a realy good navagational links. Website also has audio and a nice design and a good layout that makes it easy to navagate. Website will have new infomation and layout proberly soon aswell so check it out.

Stencil Revolution

Stencil Revolution is a website for stencil art. Its a website were you can post your own stencil work and let your work get rated. This website also has good tutorials for making stencils, making T-shirts, Phototoshop and more. The website is usefull and easy to navagate. Here is the link-

Here's some work from the website-


5041miracle 952frontline2


Gorilla Tactiks

Gorilla Tactiks is a group of people who do design, fine art, clothing and work such as paintings, photography, video and more. They visualy deliver ideas and concepts about whats currently happening in the world.
I like there work because they like to keep there work current with new ideas and i like there paintings and stencil work because they have done some funny ideas. Here is there website-

Here are some stencils they have done-




I have found some websites about illustrators that i like so I have made links to them-

Saxton Moore This is Saxton Moore's website, he is a art animation director. He has been a animation director more than seven years. I like his style of work because his stlye looks cartoon style. The website is very good with nice animations when navagating throuth and easy to find what you want. The website was made by-

Andre Moore Andre Moore use to make flash games for and now designs and sketches characters. His work looks good because looks simple and he mostly uses bright colours. The website is good but the sound can get annoying.

Dave Kensey Dave Kensey is a urban illustrator. He also does paintings, pen and ink and more. His work looks interesting because it looks different.

Occasional Superstar

Floyd The Locsmif Outskirts Is a company that do paintings, illustrations and designs. The work they do looks good because there colourfull and different. The website is good as well with a good audio tracks with control player. Website looks good but i dont think it is fully finished yet. This is just a website that i like because of the flash intro and the effect through out the website.

Infinite Kungfo

Found this website about a comic called Infinite Kungfo. Has lots of infomation about the characters and lots of the illustrations and press the comic has had.
I like this website because it is funny with a inrto and with lots of sounds which makes it better and its easy to navagate.
Here is the link-

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Batman Begins

Just went to see Batman Begins thought it was ok the effects were not to bad eather and he got his batmobile pimped... The website for the film is a flash website with infomation about the comics the film, interviews and downloads and more. The website is easy to navagate through and with sound effects. Here is the link-

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Dubelyoo is a artist who does illustrations and graphic design and worked as a graphic designer for two years. He has done work for Nike, AND1, FUBU, Coca-Cola, Burton Snowboard, Heineken, URB Magazine, Pepsi, and Ecko. I like most of his work becuase thestyle of his paintings. Heres his website-

Here's some of his work-

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Phong is a website for Flash projects and special effects, images, video's, totorials, graphics and more. The website is full of good flash effects and good ideas. You can browse through all the effects that are on the website. The website is a bit wierd some times but still deserves a look at specialy the first page.
Heres the link-